1985 Toyota Celica Supra
(MkII / P-Type)


6 Aug 2009:  SOLD !!!  My Celica Supra has been sold. Thanks to those that expressed an interest in the car.

Welcome to the "virtual garage" for my 1985 Toyota Celica Supra (MkII / P-Type).

I have finally decided to sell my lovingly-maintained Supra after nearly 24 years of ownership.  I am the original owner of this car, which I purchased new in August 1985.   I am looking for a new owner that will appreciate this car as much as I have over the many years that I've owned it.  If you are a serious collector, you will want to see this car.

My Supra may have ~139,000 miles on the odometer, but it is still in pristine condition and is as ageless and stunningly beautiful in its Super Deep Red color as it was when I purchased it nearly 24 years ago. I can honestly say that I enjoy looking at it almost as much as I enjoy driving it...and know that others enjoy looking at it as well as it is in such excellent condition.

For the most part, the car has been either garaged or covered when not being driven during the entire time that I have owned it, and it has lived in California (San Jose) its entire life. The miles on the car are a mix of city and highway miles...and are so low (for a 24 year old car) because for the first 12 years of its life it shared duty with my first car, and for the past 9 years has shared duty with 2 motorcycles.

My Supra has been remarkably trouble-free during its entire life. The engine is original, likely due in part to the fact that I've changed the oil and filter every 2500-3000 miles without fail. Yes I've had to replace a few things over the years due to normal wear-and-tear or failure, but the list is incredibly short with regard to failed parts (e.g. clutch master cylinder, starter, alternator, etc.).

I was hit by a red light runner in 1994...though thankfully the damage (right rear quarter panel) was such that it was drivable after the accident. The repair job, which included some paint, restored my Supra to good-as-new.

The car still drives like it did the day I drove it off of the dealership lot in 1985...with unbelievably smooth acceleration and torque from its inline 6 and its subtle exhaust note. This car does NOT feel nor does it drive like it is 24 years old. With its suspension somewhere between sporty and comfy (yes...it's a heavy car with significant weight bias over the front wheels), it does better in the curves than many cars that I've driven.

With the exception of the stereo, which I replaced with a single DIN unit some years back, my Supra is in FACTORY STOCK configuration.

As shown below, the purchase includes the original Toyota window sticker and original dealer price sticker (Stevens Creek Toyota, Santa Clara, CA) as well as an official Toyota Repair Manual. Note that even though the manual indicates "1986" on the cover, the manual is for my 1985 Mk II Supra...which Supra fans will know was built and sold through the first half of 1986.

This is a VERY special car, so serious inquiries only please.

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Included with Purchase:

1985 Consumer Reports Auto Price Service Printout (Toyota Celica Supra):


  • Location:  San Jose, CA
  • Exterior Color:  Super Deep Red
  • Interior Color:  Maroon
  • Type:  MkII / P-Type
  • Odometer:  139,000 miles
  • Est. MPG:  20+ mixed city/hwy, 25+ hwy
  • Transmission:  Manual (5-speed)
  • Options:  Sunroof, Carpet Floor Mats (All other features standard)
  • Aftermarket Add-Ons:  Single DIN radio

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